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Lessons at the Coventry Russian school RUBRIC are held at the following address:
West Coventry Academy
Nutbrook Avenue

If you would like to discuss any questions with regards to the registration, payment, timetable etc please call on:

- 07412 218298 - Ekaterina Kozlova, Executive Director of RUBRIC school network,

07875 024029 - Alevtina Shemchuk, Managing Director of RUBRIC school network,

07462 604355 - Head of the curriculum department of RUBRIC school network,

- 07809403426 - Principal of RUBRIC Shool network. 

Alternatively please email to:

We are interested in hearing from people of different backgrounds and professions (musicians, teachers, chefs, actors, craftsmen, doctors etc.) who are interested in joint children's projects in the Russian language. Also, we would like to hear from teenagers and young people with fluent Russian who are interested in participating or contributing.



Telephone Number:
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